• CRM-Data Center Overhaul

Client Opportunity: Create a multi-input data center from the ground up to (a) analyze business operations and market trends in real-time, (b) power personalized marketing campaigns, (c) profile and segment customers, and (d) empower a sales and service team of 20+ to grow the business.

Frontier Media Action Items:

  • Outlined stakeholder requirements and desired outcomes
  • Negotiated software licensing
  • Customized an application for customer service
  • Established a mobile app interface for sales team members
  • Connected eCommerce data tables
  • Stood up marketing automation tools (Email, Social, Media Buys)
  • Profiled consumer customers
  • Layered 3rd party data

End Result: In less than 6 months Frontier Media was able to take a client with scattered data, poor data communication processes, and zero marketing automation and turn it into an industry leading data company. During this investment many additional optimizations were made to improve customer journey ad campaigns as well as customer service protocols.