Give It To Me Stright: Ask any professional salesman or even a church leader and they will both tell you that to be successful you can’t treat every customer or potential customer with the same script/pitch or even personality. Also, I’m pretty sure we can all agree that the true “Mayberry” hometown feeling comes from the store clerk that calls you by name and asks you about your family. So, the top reason you should care about database marketing is that now more than ever before a competitor can provide this experience to your existing customers and potential customers if you are not willing to do so.

There is nothing stopping a 100-million-dollar company from knowing its customers and potential customers like the Mayberry store clerk, and as a small company, this could be the special ingredient you need to take on industry giants. If you read nothing more after this section, you should understand that there is a key difference between listening to data to spot symptoms vs. using data to customize a journey.

One more thing… brands that think this only applies to retailers are making a huge mistake. Database marketing is also extremely powerful for manufacturing brands, non-profits, and even government organizations.

Top 3 Takeaways on Database Marketing:

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