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Living eCommerce

We believe that eCommerce is a science. The science of perfecting user acquisition, experience, data collection, and user demand management. From optimizing user flow and conversion funnels to developing inventory forecasting models against product demand trends we love to dive deep with Frontier Media clients. 

You will find with Frontier Media that we not only study the emotional and decision making processes a consumer undergoes during a conversion but we also analyze the buyer’s lifecycle. This data identifies reactivation opportunities and potential insights into product line extensions. 


Revenue Development Revenue Development
Revenue Development

At Frontier Media, we almost always start an eCommerce project by diving head first into revenue optimization. Our process includes a deep review of conversion funnels, customer segmentation data, inventory management, and mapping out all potential revenue models. We believe a Client can often make many small operational and web design changes which will result in elevated conversion rate, basket size, and customer reactivation.  


User Experiance User Experiance
User Experiance

How are your users experiencing your store? Are you A/B testing constantly for improved conversion and onsite retention rate? 

No different than how a person walks through a big box store we study how your customers and potential customers react to content, layout, and even offerings. Often times just having a fresh set of eyes on your web store functionality and user analytics can help you spot a growth innovation. From new eCommerce builds to small project reviews we can help you develop a great user experience. 


Executive Management Executive Management
Executive Management

How are you measuring your eCommerce success? Most businesses look at the revenue number and maybe a few other key indicators such as traffic and conversion rate. The trouble is these stats don’t always tell a full story and they can blind company management from developing trends. At Frontier Media, we establish robust dashboards and reporting processes that are easy to comprehend and signal important data variations.


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