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Customer Knowledge = Revenue Ops.

If you are an eCommerce company, non-profit, service provider, manufacturer, or even a content creator, there is an undeniable link between your customer knowledge (data), marketing strategies, and future sales.

Your marketing processes for acquiring new customers, engaging existing customers, and reactivating old/lost customers should be a critical component of your revenue strategy.

we help clients connect customer data to marketing programs that drive revenue

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 How well do you know your customers? How often do they buy, interact with the website, and which marketing method converts more often? Are you missing an easy revenue win simply because you’re not using past customer data? Marketing should never be “best guess” if you have data you can study.

The possibilities to build lucrative marketing programs, new sales funnels, and marketing automations are endless. At Frontier Media Labs, we work with each of our Clients to define what data they have, how it’s being collected, and to then create strategic plans to advance their business. 


A well-implemented customer relationship management (CRM) system supercharges revenue funnels, customer service, and creates sustainability in the business. At Frontier Media Labs, we build, train, and manage CRM systems for our Clients.

In one single system, our Clients can view a contact’s information along with every order they placed, phone calls made to the business, when an email was opened and how many times, and even what pages were viewed on our Client’s websites. Their entire history is in one place to coordinate sales and marketing efforts.


With a strategic plan to capture and leverage customer data and a well-organized CRM to manage this information in real-time, we can build very powerful marketing & sales programs for our Clients.

From dynamic email campaigns and offline promotions to sophisticated online advertising and text message marketing, Frontier Media Labs can help you set up and manage these programs.

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