Branding That’s Built to Last: 5 Keys to a Great Brand

Creative & Influence, Strategic Planning

Your brand should tell a story to your future and current customers. What exactly do we mean by that? We’re glad you asked because in this Frontier Media Lab we’re diving headfirst into the 5 basic but hugely impactful steps you should be taking to discover and define your brand.


The very first thing you need to do is discover the identity of your brand by understanding that it’s NOT about your products or services. That sounds crazy, right? But, stick with us. Your brand is most importantly based off of the value you provide to your customers. How you can take something off their shoulders, provide them a solution, or relieve them from a pain point. This is how you provide massive value to keep your customers coming back for years to come. What are you doing today that will help better your customers tomorrow?


Once you’ve discovered what value you’re providing, you’re ready to refine your brand to stand out from the competition. This is where you share the story behind your brand. The potential customer wants to know your businesses on a different level these days. Building their trust through sharing your story is key to referrals and word of mouth from one customer to the next. Take that value you discovered in step one and share it with your audience to prove your worth. If you’re in the oil and gas industry, help your customers understand what it is that you do to and who stands behind your business to keep the wheels turning. Building your brand’s story with humanity ensures a level of trustworthiness that stands out from even your biggest competition in the field.


Next up, outline on a whiteboard your ideal customer. It’s time to peel back the layers on the onion and really think about this person and what makes them tick. What is their job title, do you know how they or their boss measures their success, where do they look information, are they technical or artistic? You have to really dig into who you are looking to reach and why you want to reach them? Identifying who you’re ideally talking to with your sales and marketing material is going to take your business to the next level. The more you think through this more you can hone the brand experience to match the expectations of your desired customer.


Now that you have your value, built trust and identified your ideal customer, you’re ready to retain them. It may sound silly to say that you can’t solely depend on new customers to stay afloat and that it’s equally important to discover how to keep your current customers, but this is the most overlooked component to growing a great brand. Dive into the reasons those long-term clients are sticking around and discover how you can not only do more of that in the future but also radiate those factors in your sales and marketing material.


Lastly, nail down your visual pitch and the elements that it entails. Identities of brands thrive off consistency and eye-catching materials. Tailor your content to one main point so that customers and future potentials will easily be able to identify your brand making the future of your business a consistent and dependable staple proving that you’re an expert in your industry.

Discovering and identifying your brand is vital to thriving and standing out among the rest. Let our team of experts at Frontier Media help you do that and more. We hope you will consider working with us not just because of our merits, but more importantly, we hope you will hire us because of our intense dedication to your success. We can’t wait to see you rise to the top of your field with Frontier Media as your partner in marketing.

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