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IS this youR Business?

  • Your business relies on returning customers, referrals, or even expos.
  • Returning customers are getting older and referrals are more luck than a result of your marketing.
  • You question the value of shows/expos.
  • You are concerned about your online exposure and website but put it off each year.
  • Your competitors are running ads on Google & Social, targeting your customers.
  • Your customer contacts are in someone’s head or cell phone, let’s hope they don’t leave.


We build & manage marketing programs that drive sales

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A Few Stories We’ve Told


It’s one of the best things you can learn about marketing and even sales that will change how you grow your business. R-I-C-A is something we build into every one of our Client strategies. In fact, these 4 steps actually make up the very pillars of our business.

Are you Reaching, Influencing, Converting, and Advancing your marketing and sales campaigns? Check out this video blog to learn more about the secret formula that has allowed our marketing firm to help hundreds of small and medium-sized businesses just like yours.



“My business is all booked up, I will worry about social media and advertising when times slow down.” Let’s be honest – when things are good and you’re a small business you probably avoid the time and costs of marketing, but you avoid them even more so when times are slower. 

Investing in your marketing when times are good allows you to have a bigger reach, bigger following, more data, and better creative assets. Building on these core elements of marketing now rather than later will allow your business to propel itself forward at an incredible rate when times turn back to normal.

If you are still too busy to handle these objectives, then make sure to find someone who can. A third-party resource that won’t bug you or bother you, but will get these objectives accomplished for you.

In this marketing lab, we break down why it is important that your business uses this time wisely to grow even though you are already doing well.



One of the more powerful things you can do to help your business grow and be sustainable in the future is building out a customer relationship management (CRM) system. It’s like the ultimate rolodex.

Your CRM can help you organize customer and prospect information, including all the emails you and your staff have sent/received from them in one place. You can use customer/prospect data to send special emails/text messages, and you can even see what pages on your website that person has viewed. All in an effort to help any employee sell more and provide excellent service.

A CRM should be the very center of your sales and marketing efforts, even if you do very little online a CRM can help.


It’s not science that your business grows when you can reach the right buyer at the right time and when you use the right communication channel.

This is why you go to conventions, and why having the right booth space location can make all the difference. It’s also the reason why targeting people who could and should be your customer online works so well.

Consider the value of targeting a person who is looking up your competitor or simply your category of service. Did you know you can even target people online based on their location, like a competitor’s lodge?

In this marketing lab, we break down reaching customers in today’s modern environment. 


Social media is time-consuming, and for most lodge owners or outfitters they struggle with what to post and how often. Multiple times a week we have Clients ask us how much they should be posting and what’s going to work the best.

The Answer = Understand Capacity

You only have so much time, talent, treasure, and even faith. That’s your capacity. If you spend your capacity posting content all the time that can increase your results. However, you could also post a few times each week and simply spend a few dollars to lift your posts to the best audience. What you trade in money (treasure) to reach potential buyers you gain in time.


Is your marketing strategy going to expos, buying print ads, direct mail, or even sponsorships? How do you take what works about your traditional marketing efforts and take them to the next level in today’s online world?

In this marketing lab, we talk about how you can combine traditional media with online marketing tools to get an edge in business. 


Who is the best salesman at your business? The person who never sleeps, always says the best things, and every day uses feedback and data to get better? If it’s not your website then it should be. 

People today more than ever before are looking for information to validate and get excited about their purchase. If your website doesn’t do those things nor provide a safe and fast experience then you are loosing sales. Every page of your website should be a doorway to contact you, validate your business and inspire the customer no matter what device or web browser they are using. 


What Should You Expect?

Avg. Website Build = $3,800 - $7,000

Your website should be your very best salesman because it never sleeps and always uses the best sales funnel. The cost of a great website depends on how much work needs to be done and what features your business requires. This is something that should help grow your sales and last for years. 

Avg. CRM Implementation and Set-Up = $1,000 - $2,500

How you manage your customer data and the amount of sales/marketing features you want will determine the cost of setting up your customer relationship management software.

Avg. Media Buying & Planning = $750 - $1,750

Online advertising services plus an advertising budget can vary from business to business, and vary with the seasonality of one’s products/services. We work with our customers to build out the right advertising strategy to achieve your desired outcomes.

Avg. Photo & Video Shoot: $5,200 - $10,300

Depending on travel, the number of days shooting, and the amount of finished assets required your cost will vary. One recommendation we give our Clients is to consider how the assets can be used online or offline as well as how long you can depreciate them. Keep in mind these assets can last for years in most cases. If you are looking for cost savings consider sharing part of the costs with another company that needs similar creative assets.

Avg. Cost of Targeted Ad Impressions = $0.004 - $0.008

We build very complex ad targeting protocols and sequences to ensure your photos, videos, banner ads, or text ads get in front of the right buyer who could and should be your customer. 

Avg. Email Marketing Costs = $250 Per Email Design

There are countless email marketing tools available in todays online marketplace, but when you want a custom designed email plus an expert to send & report on that email expect the average costs to be around $250 – $300.  

Avg. Text Marketing Campaign = $500 per Campaign

Sending a text message blast or setting up custom text message automation is a great way to grow your business. The primary costs in these campaigns are the hours associated with managing lists and if you want to us to help manage any responses. 

You may need multiple services, but there is a path to fit your budget and grow with your business

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Frontier Media Labs offers a wide range of website services and programming support.

Creative Assets

When it’s time to convince a prospect to become a lead we can help with creative.

Revenue Ops

Upgrade your sales team with modern tech, reporting, and operating processes.

Company Exposure

We help you reach the right potential customer who could and should buy from you.