Considering hiring an in-house employee for your marketing efforts? Or, are you considering the possibility of hiring a marketing agency? There are many factors to consider here, and it’s a different situation for every business. In today’s Frontier Media Lab, we break down the differences between the two, and why we think this decision may be even more important than you think.

As your business grows, you have to consider exactly how you can tap into the potential of digital marketing through social media and lead generating ads. While in-house employees have their own unique advantages, a full-service experienced marketing firm can provide substantial value to supplement your existing team or act as your entire marketing department. Here are some things to consider about using a marketing firm:

1. Experience 

When you hire an employee their experience is limited to one person, whereas when you hire a firm like us at Frontier Media, you are getting a whole team of experts who can contribute to problem-solving and innovation. This means you can trust that our team has done this whole marketing thing more than just a time or two and we have hands-on-experience in what works and what doesn’t. This is especially true as we specialize and work with clients in the business-to-business industry on a daily basis. Why invest in one brain when you can get multiple for the same costs.

2. Costs

Compare the costs… After you pay wages, taxes, and benefits on a dedicated employee who has the right qualifications for maximizing your ROI: does it cost more or less than hiring Frontier Media. For example, if a business pays on average $20,000 per year to Frontier Media for a team of 4+ experts to plan, execute, optimize daily, and report on ad buying results, would it be less expensive or more expensive than hiring a full-time staff person? The reality is they would need to hire a 60k a year employee (plus benefits) just to come near the level of experience and knowledge. This is a huge factor for businesses to consider that can affect their bottom dollar in more ways than one.

3. Access & Efficiency

When you hire an agency like Frontier Media we already have tools and special privileges that would be expensive and difficult to obtain otherwise. We also have relationships with technology providers or even other businesses that can benefit your business at a faster and more efficient rate.

4. The Employee Search

Rather than searching for hours on job listing sites and sitting through interviews just to find an overqualified or less qualified person, why not rely on an agency that can plug in our proven talent when and where it’s needed. Finding talent for your business in your location or finding those who are willing to relocate is a costly exercise. Save your efforts and energy to put elsewhere within your growing company and let Frontier Media do the work for you.

5. Pay Changes

An agency, unlike a hired employee, is easier to adjust the pay level based on the needs of the business, an employee has set expectations for salary or hourly pay. This can be the difference of thousands of dollars to keep an employee on board.

Our mission at Frontier Media is to help our clients reach, influence, and convert the right people at the right time who could and should be your customer. Our team comes ready with years of experience to tackle the marketing process with you giving you the results you’ve been looking for. Ready to talk? Let’s connect!

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