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At Frontier Media Labs, we believe your website should be more than a pretty brochure. It should have highly sophisticated sales funnels, establish trust, empower your brand, help you rank well on Google, collect data for your company, and leverage performance analytics to make improvements.

Every aspect of our website or mobile app build should center around maximizing your customer activation, and from start to finish – that’s all we do.

We view websites as the best salesman in a company, never has an off day & gets stronger every day

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 After making the great decision of working with Frontier Media Labs, the very first step in the process is a kickoff meeting.

The purpose of this meeting is to get to the very heart of why your customers and potential customers come to your website and, second, what must we provide them, so we make sure you meet their requirements for satisfaction.

Additionally, during this meeting, we will discuss the timeline of events, what we need from you and your team, and establish key measurements for determining success.


 One critical step that we take with every project is to map out all the vital functions and assets of a website. There are many reasons for taking this step after performing an onboarding meeting. First, a project map helps ensure that we answer the questions regarding why a person comes here and what they should expect to find. Second, this map helps to keep the project on task and prevent distractions. Finally, it helps with designing the website’s top (main) navigation and how we allow a person to navigate from within the body of the website.

If a website had a battle plan, it would be a Frontier Media Labs project map. This blueprint of your website will continue to help your business for years to come as you grow.


 Once we have accomplished an onboarding meeting and you have approved the project map, we can begin the first level of website design, the wireframing. During this process, Frontier Clients receive both desktop and mobile responsive website designs. Unlike the next step in this process, we only use line art in wireframing to demonstrate how the core website pages will lay out. The purpose of wireframing is to ensure that we are capturing all the key elements outlined in the project map, but also utilizing user flow best practices.

After the wireframes are approved, we begin the process of turning those designs into full mockups.


After the website wireframing is approved, the website development team will start digging into the project. While this is unfolding, our graphic design department will continue to work with you to define branding elements, such as color mixes and fonts. Additionally, we will fully mockup a few critical pages to demonstrate what the website would look like in both desktop and mobile responsive experiences. Our approach at Frontier Media Labs is to keep the flow of critical steps out ahead of the development team. As we lock down these design components, we will ensure the development team is empowered to build website pages and functionalities that exceed your expectations.


Our Frontier Media Labs development team has a full range of experience to ensure we can meet your needs and overcome any obstacles. From complete custom websites and fully engineered social media platforms to complicated database systems and API buildouts, we can meet your project needs. Our process of obtaining requirements and setting our developers up for success with good project planning ensures that we hit your deadlines and build the best possible website the first time.

All of our websites and applications are set up for longterm success and not a black box where you will always have to be chained to Frontier Media Labs. We want you to work with us because we are successful for you and not because you have to.

During the development of your website or mobile app, we will interact with you and your team to ensure there is complete transparency. We provide our Clients with direct access to our project management dashboard so you know what is getting done and that we are working hard for your business.


We always like to think that we got it perfect right out of the box, but with any great website you have to test for usability and get feedback. During the buildout of your website, there will be a number of times we will work with you to review and provide feedback. In some cases, our Clients only test internally with a small group of people, while in other situations, we have run beta testing environments with numerous staff and end-users. During testing, we will also be monitoring how people move about the website, including where they spent the most time and where they dropped off. We use analytics software and heat mapping tech to help with this effort.

After getting feedback, we will sit down with you to review what was mentioned and what we think might be a good priority list of tasks to take on. During this review, you will have the opportunity to add and/or change our list of to-dos. Testing can be a quick process, but in some cases, we may want to test multiple times. All of these matters will be at your discretion and discussed throughout the build process.


 When it’s time to launch your website, we pull out all the stops. Besides getting your website available to the public, there are multiple secondary tasks that Frontier Media Labs will complete for you. We will submit a new sitemap to all the major search engines, work with your CRM to connect any links, implement tracking pixels for Google Analytics and any other social media advertising platforms, and ensure you are properly receiving orders, leads, and emails.

For the next few weeks, Frontier Media Labs will continue to monitor the website positioning/ranking in search engines and how website traffic is using the website. If you are working with us for long-term maintenance, security, and hosting, we will perform all the necessary work every month to ensure your website is maximizing value for your business.

Other Services

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