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  • Customers are more distracted than ever and you need to get in front of them in a meaningful way.
  • You can’t be everywhere and there isn’t enough time in the day, but if you had a stronger online marketing & communication program you could be more connected.
  • You’re concerned about your online exposure and website but have put it off.
  • Your competitors are running ads on Google & Social Media targeting your customers.
  • Your customer information is in someone’s head, cell phone, or old spreadsheet but you know that’s not the best situation.


We build & manage marketing programs that drive sales

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Targeted Online Ads

Dynamic Email Marketing

Strong Social Media

Customer Relationship Mgt. Software

Powerful Creative

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A Few Stories We’ve Told


It’s one of the best things you can learn about marketing and even sales that will change how you grow your business. R-I-C-A is something we build into every one of our Client strategies. In fact, these 4 steps actually make up the very pillars of our business.

Are you Reaching, Influencing, Converting, and Advancing your marketing and sales campaigns? Check out this video blog to learn more about the secret formula that has allowed our marketing firm to help hundreds of small and medium-sized businesses just like yours.



Targeting your perfect customer online is more possible today than ever before. What you show that person when you reach them is a completely different topic. In this blog, we break down the data used to target your potential customer, how targeting is done, and what you need to know about the possibilities.

Your business doesn’t have to be big to run online advertising like the big corporations. These opportunities exist for just about anyone.



What are the tricks and insights to powerful email and/or direct mail marketing? These time-tested communication tools are far from dead. The secret is timing and personalization that matches up with the individual you are targeting. 

Even as a very passionate online marketer, we still leverage “old school” direct mail to connect with audiences, and we love email marketing. Check out this blog to learn more about how Frontier Media is using email and direct mail. 


Having great creative can make all the difference. It can influence the potential customer, voter, donor, etc. Powerful creative can also help convert the buyer. However, if you don’t have a solid process for how you establish creative assets, it can really hurt your business.

Why are you making this creative? Why will it help and how? Why video vs. text content? We always start out by asking WHY as many ways as possible. Where is the creative going to be used and who is the target audience? In this blog, we are going to share some of our secrets on how we maximize the value out of every creative investment our Client’s make.


If your website isn’t your best salesman, then you have a problem. If your website isn’t the best customer service person you have, then you have a problem. It’s important that businesses of all shapes and sizes stop looking at their website as a brochure.

Let’s face it, your website never takes a holiday, vacation, or sick day and you can use analytics to make improvements to it every day.

In this blog, let’s break down what you should know about your website and what it could mean for generating more leads.




So, you run an eCommerce website, and you’re looking for ways to grow sales. With vast experience working on small business eCommerce to multi-million dollar brands we have a few insights that might just help your business. 

In this blog, we are going to highlight some simple things that get overlooked and some advanced ideas that you should consider implementing.



I promise you that your business has two different buyer types. The key here isn’t necessarily the demographics, but rather, it’s all about consumption behavior. Are you marketing to your Proactive Buyers or Passive Buyers? Chances are you are doing both which can weaken your overall campaign’s return on investment.

In this blog, we make it easy to understand the difference between the two buyer types.



Any person who says your customers are like a big plate of spaghetti better have a darn good point to make. In this Frontier blog, we discuss how your customers are often on a journey to conversion and how you have to consider that there are different ups & downs along the way.

From the point of initial exposure to your message or your brand, how long is that conversion journey for your customer and what can you do to nudge or influence that path?




He who owns the railroad tracks is the person who actually controls the railroad. You might be the most popular channel on YouTube but do you really own your audience? No, you don’t, and you can lose that critical aspect of your business. You don’t actually know who your followers are.

The more you understand and control information (data) the stronger your business and your marketing potential will be. In this blog, we are breaking down the possibilities of taking control over your data & analytics.


WHAT’s IT COST & What TO Expect?

Avg. Website Build = $3,800 - $7,000

Your website should be your very best salesman because it never sleeps and always uses the best sales funnel. The cost of a great website depends on how much work needs to be done and what features your business requires. This is something that should help grow your sales and last for years.

Avg. CRM Implementation and Set-Up = $1,000- $2,500

How you manage your customer data and the amount of sales/marketing features you want will determine the cost of setting up your customer relationship management software.

Avg. Media Buying & Planning = $750 - $1,750

Online advertising services plus an advertising budget can vary from business to business, and vary with the seasonality of one’s products/services. We work with our customers to build out the right advertising strategy to achieve your desired outcomes.

Avg. Photo & Video Shoot: $5,200 - $10,300

Depending on travel, the number of days shooting, and the amount of finished assets required your cost will vary. One recommendation we give our Clients is to consider how the assets can be used online or offline as well as how long you can depreciate them. Keep in mind these assets can last for years in most cases. If you are looking for cost savings consider sharing part of the costs with another company that needs similar creative assets.

Avg. Cost of Targeted Ad Impressions = $0.004 - $0.008

We build very complex ad targeting protocols and sequences to ensure your photos, videos, banner ads, or text ads get in front of the right buyer who could and should be your customer. 

Avg. Email Marketing Costs = $250 Per Email Design

There are countless email marketing tools available in todays online marketplace, but when you want a custom designed email plus an expert to send & report on that email expect the average costs to be around $250 – $300.  

Avg. Text Marketing Campaign = $500 per Campaign

Sending a text message blast or setting up custom text message automation is a great way to grow your business. The primary costs in these campaigns are the hours associated with managing lists and if you want to us to help manage any responses. 

You may need multiple services, but there is a path to fit your budget and grow with your business

Frontier Media Services

Web Development

Frontier Media Labs offers a wide range of website services and programming support.

Creative Assets

When it’s time to convince a prospect to become a lead we can help with creative.

Strategic Planning

Upgrade annual strategy or product launch with a complete strategy planner by Frontier Media Labs

Company Exposure

We help you reach the right potential customer who could and should buy from you.