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Online search, websites, and social media platforms have rapidly become a primary way for businesses like yours to reach potential customers. In addition to reaching your target audience at all hours, digital marketing channels have another critical benefit: your efforts can be tracked. This feature provides you with a wealth of information to make the most of our online campaigns and your budget.

What’s Working and Not Working

One of the most important ways that tracking can help increase your success is by making it easy to identify strategies and content that works — and the ones that aren’t as effective. Google Analytics, the primary online tracking resource, offers tools to help you determine the most-visited pages of your website that drive the most traffic, search terms that customers used to find your business, and much more.  You can use stats to capitalize on your most successful marketing initiatives and recreate them with new content and in new channels.

Identify Your Top Traffic (and Lead) Sources

In addition, tracking and analytics identify the sources driving the most traffic to your website. Google Analytics reports not only the medium of your traffic sources (organic, cost-per-click, and referral), but the specific sources themselves, either the search engine or the domain. This information can help you focus your efforts on these top sources to bring in even more traffic. If you have had traking in place for any length of time you can also compare a date range to a previous range. How are you doing this week vs last, or how is traffic different today vs. the same time last year? These facts help you see where you aree gaining and where you are potentially falling behind.

It’s also important to look at how the users who came from different sources are performing on your website. Are they converting, view multiple pages, or do they bounce quickly? These are all things to review.

Optimize Future Campaigns

Since a significant amount of your marketing budget is likely invested in paid advertising, you’ll want to know how well those campaigns work. Tracking provides that information, along with insights for how you can improve your ad content. This data an also help you understand how to improve the pages people land on from an ad (Landing Pages), thus drive more conversions. Tracking offers a wealth of information that can help increase your online business success.

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